A guide to solid gold

Throughout history, gold has been treasured for its natural beauty and radiance. Dating back to circa 4000 B.C, gold jewellery had many forms and functions - from providing protection, storing one's wealth in the form of jewellery, to being purely decorative. Being a precious metal, solid gold jewellery is considered to be a timeless investment. But what do all the different gold types mean, and how does solid gold differ to other jewellery options available?     

The purity of gold is measured in karats. 24 karat gold is entirely pure, however, this is very soft and susceptible to denting. For this reason, jewellery is commonly made from pure gold mixed with a percentage of specific alloys (such as copper or silver) to produce different karats - 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K and 22K. The result is gold that is much more durable, which is especially important for jewellery that is designed for daily wear. The colour of solid gold will vary based on its karat and the type of alloy used. 9K and 10K will have a paler gold tone compared to the more yellow tone of 18K and 22K gold. When choosing which karat of solid gold jewellery to buy, factors such as price and colour can be considered.

Being a precious metal, solid gold jewellery is considered to be a timeless investment.

Apart from solid gold, there are other jewellery options available depending on preference, such as gold plated, gold filled and gold vermeil. These other options consist of a base metal such as brass or silver with a layer of gold on top. However, in terms of which type can be renewed or recycled, it is solid gold that can be melted down and repurposed down the line.

When buying solid gold jewellery you can always check its description, which should state the gold karat. If you have existing jewellery and are not sure of its worth, an easy way is to check for a hallmark or stamp. This guarantees the purity of a precious metal, and its location will depend on the item itself - it may be on the inner band of a ring band or on an earring butterfly backing. 

Solid gold is easy to care for and can last for generations in perfect condition. At Elle Forma, we source and craft all our pieces in solid gold, with the intention for them to be beautiful and wearable keepsakes for years to come. The durability of solid gold jewellery means you can be confident that it will endure decades (and even centuries) of wear and also forever retain its value.


Gold Guide                                                                            

Karat Percentage of gold Hallmark/Stamping
9K 37.5% 375
10K 41.7% 417
14K 58.3% 585
18K 75% 750
22K 91.6%/91.7% 916/917