Jewellery Directory, Part 1 - Necklaces and Chains

The world of jewellery offers a lot of classic chain and necklace options, each possessing its own unique charm and appeal. With so many styles to choose from, we've created this guide to help decode common names and origins, and to offer clarity when you're next shopping for these jewellery essentials. Think of this like your own jewellery directory for all things links, shapes and textures.

1. Snake Chain (rounded) - A delicate and fine chain, these styles exude a barely-there, minimal aesthetic. It gets its name from its smooth, scale-like texture, which resembles snakeskin. Made with tightly woven thin links to form a flexible tubular shape it's available in different sizes and lengths. Our favourite length? A 42cm size that sits perfectly on the collarbone. 

Naomi Snake Chain 


2. Anchor ChainInspired by the underwater world, this chain derives its name from its maritime muse. Aptly named, the anchor chain takes its cues from the nautical realm, reflecting the sturdy and signature links of an anchor chain. Available in both flat and subtly rounded variations, its interconnecting round and oval links blends effortlessly with various fashion styles. 

Tahlia Anchor Chain


3. Rope Chain - Distinguished by its woven links, a rope chain radiates a lustrous glow thanks to its intricate design. The style draws inspiration from age-old jewellery craftsmanship, with links tightly woven to resemble the texture of a rope. A lasting jewellery addition to your collection, these styles can be worn as a standalone statement paired with an evening outfit or used as a foundation piece when layering.  

Calla Rope Chain


4. Belcher Chain (also known as Rolo Chain) - Embraced for its understated and casually versatile links the Belcher chain is a favourite for daily wear, whether as a standalone piece or adorned with a pendant. The gauge size of the links subtly determines its visual impact, offering options that range from delicate to more substantial. The beauty of a belcher style chain lies in its ability to elevate even a white t-shirt.

Camilla Belcher Chain


5. Heringbone Chain - crafted with links that have been meticulously arranged in a parallel formation, its elegant profile lays flat against the collarbone. The origins of a heringbone style can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and derives its name from the resemblance it holds to the slanted bones of the herring fish. These styles transcend trends and when investing in a precious metal like solid gold can be treasured for years to come. 

Raya Heringbone Chain pictured with the Claudia Sapphire Pendant Necklace 


6. Box Chain - inspired by its namesake, it features a distinct arrangement of square links reminiscent of interconnected boxes. With origins dating back to ancient cultures, this design has stood the test of time, transcending eras to become a cherished classic. The enduring appeal of the box chain lies in its balance of aesthetic charm and durability. Available in various thicknesses, the box chain's timeless sophistication means it can effortlessly complement any style.

Eden Box Chain   


7. Paperclip Chain - The paperclip chain pays homage to utilitarian origins of the simple paperclip. This innovative design features distinct flattened, oval links that mimic the iconic shape of a paperclip. For those investing in a solid gold version, look for features like diamond-cut links as they catch and reflect light, adding an extra dimension of shine. A versatile and hardworking addition to any jewellery collection, these chains can also be temporarily adjusted for different lengths by securing the clasp to various links. 

Gianna Paperclip Chain


8. Pendant Necklace - These styles feature a pendant, a decorative element, gracefully suspended from a chain. While classic chains like diamond-cut trace, box, or belcher are often chosen, the options are endless. Pendants come in various forms including diamonds, gemstones, or unique motifs, allowing you to express your own story or connections with those special to you. The pendant's subtle movement on the chain centres it on the chest, forming an intriguing focal point for the overall look.

Grace Pendant Necklace pictured with the Naomi Snake Chain and Gianna Paperclip Chain 


Enjoy the journey of discovering these classic styles within your own collection or within treasured family heirlooms, and see how many of these chain designs you can uncover. If you need any guidance selecting your next necklace or chain, or if you need help sourcing something not listed please contact us here. We would love to help you find your next forever piece.