Reflections | Adrienne Monteverde

Adrienne Monteverde is the talented artist behind By Adrienne Monteverde. Having pursued her passion for all things design, fashion illustration and painting, she has artfully created a brand which she not only loves, but which creates timeless visual memories for her community of clientele. We chatted to Adrienne about life, fashion, and of course, jewels.


How would you describe what you do?

I’m the director of By Adrienne Monteverde, which as you can tell by the name is my own company where by I specialise in custom commission art and prints for the home. I started my business in 2019, where I created custom illustrations around a range of topics, however very quickly I started to grow a very strong wedding clientele who wanted custom wedding portraits created. From there the business grew quite fast very naturally and I became specialised and well-known as a wedding artist, providing custom art to couples all around the world.

What did you do before this, and what was the turning point in deciding to launch your business?  

I actually came from a background in the fashion industry, after completing my Fashion Design studies, I went straight into the industry, working as an assistant and designer for a womenswear brand in Sydney. I was always an artist of sorts since I was a child, but as a career, fashion was always something I was highly connected and passionate about. However after 3-4 years I decided to leave the fashion industry when the demand for my illustrations began growing rapidly and my attention became more occupied on my own business. I think we are meant for many careers in our lifetime, and I know that one day, fashion will make it’s way back into my life, but I like to think that the world has a funny way of guiding you to where you are meant to be, and for me it was combining my love of fashion with painting that helped me discover where I am today.

Tell us, how do you typically start your day? Do you have any daily rituals?

I’m a huge introvert, but this shouldnt be a surprise to anyone that knows, or is, an artist or creative. We definitely strive with space and time for ourselves and I think that is the one thing I prioritise and schedule into my week. I don’t hold myself too accountable to a daily routine, because for me it’s more about listening to my body and understanding what my energy is best for that day.

However, on a typical work day, I’ll wake up at 7 and start with breakfast & coffee at home, accompanied either by a bit of tv, some e-articles and this is when I create my to-do list for the day. A slow morning for me is the one thing I always priortise. The way in which we start our day is a personal ritual, so no matter where I am in the world allowing myself a peaceful morning to myself is something I priortise. At 8:30am I start work - I work from home and my studio is based out of our apartment in Sydney where I live with my partner. Typically I split my week into 4 painting days and 2 admin days. However usually by 4pm I hit an energy dip and thats when I head out to the gym to get my body moving and mind re-freshed. I then typically do a couple hours of work when I get home between 7-9pm, then I’m in bed by around 11.

I definitely believe that a good routine set’s us up for success, however I think as a creative, listening to my body has become an important aspect of that routine. So I do urge creatives to remember that our minds aren’t programmed to love what we do every single day - so on days you feel less inspired or motivated, don’t put pressure on yourself to create, use your energy elsewhere and prioritise another task or take a break to help maintain balance.

What inspires your designs, and what is your favourite art piece to date?

I have a very big love for photography, fashion photography in particular, so usually my inspiration comes from editorial shoots or runway shoots. I have to say I have a very big love for most forms of creativity, and so it’s common that I get inspired from such a vast variety of elements not specific to fashion or art. I can’t say I have a favourite art piece, however I do find myself swooning over art that includes a form of romance or mystery, I love when I travel and stubble across portraits or silhouettes that make me want to know more about the women or subject in them. 

What about your work are you most proud of?

The emotional response that I receive from my commission clients is most definitely when I feel most proud. I could have never imagined I would create art that connects and has so much sentimental value to someone. I keep every single message saved in a folder on my laptop and I still to this day am shocked by the love and kindness I receive from the people I paint and work with.

When you have some downtime away from work, where is your favourite place to go?

Overseas travel is huge source of happiness for me. I have been very lucky to travel around the world since I was young, and I can confidently say that parts of me still live in my favourite cities, so I will always priortise trips that allow me to continue to connect with them.

What would be your advice to aspiring artists/designers or anyone starting out in their own business?

The longer I am in this industry, and the more stories I hear from fellow business owners and people succeeding in their own respectful careers, is the power of doing. I think the biggest reason that people do not succeed is because of inactivity and the immense power of doubt. Don’t watch what your neighbour is doing or compare your journey or success to them by any means. Allow yourself the space to dream of what you want, and be strict and and work hard to achieve it. Remember most importantly to plan for the long game - success will not come to you overnight, and you dont want it to. If you want to build a life for yourself around this career, then do so with respect and patience for your craft, for your clients and for your growth. Enjoy the process and give yourself grace to try, fail, learn and grow. 

Do you have a favourite quote that helps keep you motivated?

Today you dream of tomorrow, but yesteday your dreamt of today. Always feel grateful for your present journey, as it was intentionally designed and created by you.

As an artist/designer, how would you describe your style in three words?

Timeless, effortless and feminine. 

Do you have a style icon or current muse?

Without a doubt, the always incredible Oscar De La Renta.

How does jewellery influence your mood or personal style?

Jewellery for me holds incredible sentimental value and is reserved for special days and occasions. Every piece of jewllery I own holds value, whether it be heirloom peices passed down, a Maid of Honor gift I was given, my engagement ring, or even a hand-made pair of pearl earrings I bought myself whilst travelling. I can recount them all, and the value they each hold is incredible special. 

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery, or one that evokes a special memory?

As cliche as it sounds, my engagement ring. I’m incredibly hard to buy for as my style is not predictable and I’m not a lover of flashy Jewellery or ‘trends’. I was always worried what my partner would purchase for me as even I didnt know what I wanted myself. He ended up designing a ring in his home country (Italy) that couldn’t represent me better and one I still look down at everyday and admire.  

Which piece/s from Elle Forma resonates most with you?

Oh I absolutely adore the Farah ring! It’s simple and so elegant.

What would be your ‘Adrienne Monteverde’ curated edit of products from the EF range? 

I think I would have to choose the Farah-ring, Margot-earrings, Cara bracelet and Calla chain. I love the simplicity of these pieces and how they provide a nod to traditional styles that makes them feel timeless and elegant. 

I truely love the Elle Forma range, with a world crowding you with endless options, I love that Elle forma provides a curated edit of what are clearly incredibly considered designs, created to the highest quality and providing their clients with a piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime.