Reflections | Patrice Daglis

Patrice Daglis is the Founder of Ofia Skin. Having pursued her passion for all things beauty, she has artfully created a brand which she not only loves, but which helps those around her. We chatted to Patrice about life, fashion, and of course, jewels.


How would you describe what you do?

I am the Founder of Ofia Skin which is a cosmeceutical "affordable luxe" range - minimalist in nature, active formulas made with a mix of high quality botanical ingredients. I wear many hats in the business so everything from creative, design right through to back end processes.

What did you do before this, and what was the turning point in deciding to launch your brand?

 I have always worked in the corporate world, mainly property - so very different to skincare. Skincare & beauty however has always been my passion and while I was pregnant something in me decided it was time to turn my passion into something real.

Tell us, how do you typically start your day? Do you have any daily rituals?

So I typically start my day by going to check on my daughter Sofia, getting her ready for the day followed by a morning coffee, shower and then skincare (of course), email checking etc. I would say I am a very routined person, it's in my nature to be organised and I feel grounded and clear minded this way.

What inspires your products, and what is your favourite piece from your latest range?

Minimalism and quality are the two main things that pop to mind. The aim of my range is to simplify your skincare routine and provide luxury/high quality active products that are also accessible. Our first release and hero product is ‘So Bright Serum’ which is a hydration/brightening serum. It's a lightweight serum that tackles everything from hydration, dullness, texture, irritation and brings back the glow to your skin.

What about your work are you most proud of?

 I am most proud of the feedback I am receiving, the positive reviews mean everything to me and knowing it's part of people's everyday self-care ritual…well it doesn't get much better than that.

When you have some downtime away from work, where is your favourite place to go?

My family farm in country Victoria, it's the most peaceful place.

As a creator/founder, how would you describe your style in three words?

Minimalist, bold and feminine.

Do you have a style icon or current muse?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is such a stylish woman, never gets it wrong.

How does jewellery influence your mood or personal style?

It just automatically makes me feel complete. It's the final piece of the puzzle, because my style is quite pared back and neutral a touch of gold or silver or colour from my jewellery makes the outfit!

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery, or one that evokes a special memory?

My engagement ring, for obvious reasons - very special to me.

Which piece from Elle Forma’s North or Daryā collection resonates most with you?

I would say that the three pieces of jewellery that resonate with me most will be the Naomi chain, Soleil earrings and Aliya earrings of course!