Welcome to Elle Forma, where we celebrate the blend of styles and eras, the place between old and new.

Elle Forma is an ode to jewellery’s many forms, transcending time and trends, as it passes through moments and generations. From conception to construction, each piece is reimagined from its core form to become a wearable piece of art, forming the basis of your capsule jewellery collection.

With a focus on feminine and petite forms, we create and curate essentials to elevate every look — designed to stand the test of time and be worn on repeat for decades. Our mindful must-haves prioritise longevity over trends, consciously curated to become your go-to pieces to stack, layer and pair. Rather than jewellery that passes by as a moment in time, our solid gold investment pieces form a forever collection.

At its heart, Elle Forma is where femininity meets form. Elle, or ‘she’ in French, pays tribute to the pursuit of femininity in our jewellery. Latin word Forma refers to the intriguing forms that emerge from diamonds, gemstones and metals, shifting as they take shape. This mirrors the transformation we experience as we move through life, reflected in the jewellery we hold close — each piece gaining significance as it is passed from one person to the next.

Elle Forma is based in Melbourne and influenced by global art forms. Just as jewellery transforms through its creation, our timeless pieces are designed to evolve with you, lasting as irreplaceable keepsakes through every chapter.

Thank you for being on this journey with us.

From the founder

To me, jewellery is more than metal and gemstones. While solid gold holds an essential place in your capsule collection, investing in forever pieces means your jewellery will evolve beyond one lifetime — and remain perfect and polished through every moment of yours.

My love of jewellery began as a child when my mother gave me a family heirloom: a diamond and turquoise ring. I love the notion of having something tangible and beautiful to pass onto my children. Although they never met their grandmother, this piece of jewellery forms a meaningful link between them.

The collections and pieces in Elle Forma are my visual expression of the space between femininity and form, with slow fashion and sustainability held close to heart. Each piece reflects a love of colour and pattern seen throughout dynasties and art forms, from architecture and interiors to haute couture fabrics. Designed with longevity in mind, they are crafted in solid gold to ensure they endure both time and generations.

Sheila roshan: Creative Director

Solid gold keepsakes for everyday and forever