A timeless jewellery collection

At Elle Forma, we value a slow approach to jewellery, investing in quality pieces that transcend time. Pieces that can become precious keepsakes, with a new story unfolding with each generation. Owning jewellery that is versatile and ageless in design will hopefully mean that you keep coming back to these pieces for decades to come. In doing so, they become treasured mementos as they travel with you through different chapters of life.

Curating a timeless jewellery collection comes down to investing in solid gold, a precious metal that will stand the test of time. When cared for properly, solid gold jewellery lasts not only a lifetime, but for many generations. 

Treasured mementos...with you through different chapters of life. 


For your ears

Choose solid gold pieces in classic shapes that are wearable all year round, like a stud or hoop. Consider the size of earring you most commonly wear (be this a petite piece or something bolder) and opt for a profile that you would likely gravitate towards when getting dressed each day. This could be a plain gold stud, a coloured gemstone or diamond stud, or a jewelled hoop. Solid gold earrings set with precious gemstones such as sapphire studs or diamond huggies are classic pieces that will transcend time.

For your neck

Look for pieces you can turn to time and time again, such as a paperclip or snake chain in solid gold. Whether you prefer textural, statement pieces or something more subtle and fine, a gold chain is sure to be a well-worn piece and will form the foundation of any jewellery collection. Another classic staple is a gemstone pendant, which has an old-world beauty that will never date. It can easily carry you from day to night, and be layered together with chains to incorporate texture and detailing that exudes modern elegance.

For your wrist

Timeless in its design and features, a bangle or bracelet crafted in solid gold can be a keepsake for years to come. Select a style that best represents you and your personality – either the bold profile of a bangle, a statement bracelet, or a fine chain bracelet. If you have rings that you wear everyday, such as a wedding or engagement ring, choosing a complementary style of bracelet or bangle will ensure it remains a wearable piece in your jewellery collection for many decades. 

Image 1: Raya chain and Claudia necklace. Image 2: Naomi chain and Gianna chain, Blair bangle and Shae Bracelet.

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