How to shape your capsule jewellery wardrobe

If styling starts to feel uninspiring, it may be time for a closet upgrade. Instead of adding dozens of new pieces, we recommend the capsule wardrobe method — which works beautifully for jewellery, too. A capsule wardrobe is a clean, minimalistic method of wardrobe organisation. This ethos rejects the idea that countless options and outdated trends should take up valuable space in your closet. A capsule wardrobe pares it back to elevated basics.

Traditionally, a capsule wardrobe contains high quality items, thoughtfully chosen and curated. Instead of opening your closet doors to many pieces that feel completely uninspiring, a capsule wardrobe contains only your top-tier favourites. This makes styling feel seamless as every outfit is made of items you already love. 

We believe this philosophy can (and should) be expanded to your jewellery collection. Instead of settling for second-best, a jewellery capsule collection contains timeless pieces that come together in intriguing ways — impeccably stacked, layered and paired for all occasions.

There are many benefits to this method of jewellery curation, including the ease of packing all your favourite jewellery when you travel — meaning you’ll never be without the perfect piece. As you own high quality jewellery for years and wear it on repeat, the cost-per-wear decreases, with each piece remaining as flawless as the first wear.

As jewellery holds potential to last decades and pass through generations, it is the best place to start as you build a capsule wardrobe. Here's what to focus on as you shape your capsule jewellery collection.

Buy with intention

Your vision board forms your capsule, whether it exists in physical form or in your mind. Set your intention before you shop to ensure your jewellery capsule comes together immaculately.

When you pull together an outfit, consider which pieces you need to finalise the look. Maybe your ring stack is calling for a statement gemstone, or your go-to necklace combination needs a layering chain. Choose slow, thoughtful decisions over impulse buys.

Invest in high quality 

The key to your capsule is quality. You need premium materials and long-lasting construction to build a wardrobe that lasts many wears.

Consider the classic blazer, trench coat or black trouser in your capsule wardrobe. As it’s a timeless, wear-everywhere piece that will never go out of style, common wisdom is to invest in quality. While high-end features like wool, silk or hand-sewn construction lead to a higher initial investment, you will inevitably wear this classic piece for years to come. Over time, the cost-per-wear becomes much better than those trendy throwaway pieces you wear once or twice — while your outfits look polished and premium.

Investment jewellery follows the same philosophy as the quality wool blazer and other timeless staple pieces: buy it once, buy it well.

Solid gold is an unrivalled selection for a jewellery capsule wardrobe, as gold is a precious metal which does not tarnish. These pieces are an investment, but durable to last forever. Use solid gold to form the foundation of your collection for decades.

It’s essential to be savvy as you browse different kinds of gold. Use this guide to identify which pieces are worth investing in. 

Choose versatile pieces

Capsule collections are built to be versatile. From daytime to evening, casual lunches to cocktails and formal social events, a reliable jewellery wardrobe always plays the part.

There are two secrets to versatility — the first of which is simplicity. Not every piece has to be the star of the show. Instead, capsule collections typically feature elevated basics, such as solid gold chains, simple bracelets and rings that pair well with others. Aim for minimalism over mega-statements in every piece.

The second trick is to mindfully pair each piece as you create your collection. Before you add a new piece to your wardrobe, consider how it fits with the rest. Try to stay away from conflicting styles and multiple mini-wardrobes within one. Instead, consider an all-encompassing, cohesive style for your collection. For example, curate a colour palette you genuinely love to wear.

Go for timeless

Capsule wardrobes are built to be long-lasting, which means rapidly-passing trends have no place. Choose ageless pieces that stand the test of time. Diamonds and gold will never fall out of style, and simple studs, hoops and chains will never date. Learn how to choose timeless jewellery here.

Truly love each piece

To build an effective capsule wardrobe, you must love each piece. There is no reason to build a wardrobe that doesn’t feel inspiring and exciting to wear and pair. Every person has their own definition of capsule wardrobe, and you don’t have to follow current trends.

Be sure to choose pieces you personally find alluring, classic and worthwhile. Invest in jewellery and items you want to include in as many looks as possible. That is the heart of a capsule collection — remember it as you curate yours.