Essential tips for travelling with jewellery

For those with travel on the horizon the task of packing what to take will be on your mind. A key component will be choosing your jewellery and accessories. But you may be wondering what's the best way to travel with your precious jewels, from selecting versatile pieces to safeguarding them. We shared our top tips on our Instagram a couple of months ago but for a refresher keep reading for how to get travel-ready with a few easy tips.

1. Curate your collection

Before you start packing, take some time to curate your jewellery collection for your trip. Creating a mood board or laying out your chosen pieces with your outfits will help you visualise your options and plan ahead. Opt for pieces that can be easily adorned for both the daytime and nighttime looks. Our favourite travel pieces are the Naomi chain for its barely-there golden aesthetic, the Gigi bracelet for its stacking options, as well as the Rainbow Sapphire earrings and Rumi earrings for something a bit more playful.

2. Keep It Separate

To prevent your jewellery from tangling or rubbing against each other, it's suggested to keep them separate during travel. A simple and effective solution is to place each item in a soft lined pouch or small plastic zip-lock bag. Consider using bags similar to these ones. These transparent bags serve a dual purpose: they enable clear visibility of your jewellery while also providing a protective barrier. Once each piece is separated in its bag, you can place them all in a small box that easily fits in your carry-on or bag. This way, you'll always have your precious accessories nearby and together.

3. Secure storage

When you arrive at your destination store the small box securely in your hotel safe. Remember to insure any high-value items before you depart, so you're fully covered in case of any unexpected situations. When getting dressed, simply bring out the small box, select your desired pieces, and return them to the safe after you're finished. This practice will ensure both convenience and protection throughout your trip.

4. Activities

As carefree as a holiday should be, it's also good to be mindful of how certain activities can affect your jewellery. Although solid gold jewellery is a durable precious metal, exposure to excessive chlorine can impact the other metals used in its composition. To safeguard your valuable pieces, it's advisable to remove them before swimming especially in chlorine pools. This will also prevent any accidental loss or damage, allowing you to enjoy your travels worry-free. Try to minimise exposure to sunscreen and perfume by adding your jewellery as the final step in your beauty routine.

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