Adding custom pieces to your jewellery collection

Forming your jewellery collection is a personal journey.

Beyond pretty pieces, your daily jewellery marks milestones, achievements and moments spent around the world. Jewellery is the aspect of our wardrobes we hold near and dear, keeping our most cherished pieces close through travels, time and generations.

Your jewellery collection is not only an expression of your style and individuality, but also a curation of mementos and memories that form who you are.

Is it time to consider including custom pieces in your jewellery collection? Read on for our thoughts.

Bespoke jewellery reflects who you are

While every jewellery collection reflects the preferences, style and milestones of the individual who wears it, bespoke work and custom sourced pieces go further.

This may sound obvious, but bespoke jewellery cannot be duplicated or replicated. Every jeweller has their own technique, expertise and style, reflected in the result you wear. Your jeweller will fuse their vision with your ideas, forming a piece that represents your individuality — which can’t be replicated by anyone.

Custom pieces can be crafted with unique gemstones and distinct combinations that are found nowhere else in the world. Naturally sourced gemstones cannot be exactly replicated in their shape and form.

As you add more custom pieces to your jewellery wardrobe, your collection will begin to tell stories about who you are, what you love and where you’ve been

Custom pieces create deeper connection

Which jewellery pieces are your favourite to pull from your wardrobe and show off every day?

When you commission a bespoke piece or request custom sourcing, you will create a deeper connection with each piece. Through the process, you will learn which metals and materials are used, provide input into its design, and connect with the jeweller in creating something special just for you.

These pieces will quickly rise to the top of your most-worn (and talked about) list.

Unique pieces are more precious as heirlooms

For many of us, since we were young, we’ve dreamt of the jewellery pieces we will pass down to our children: a gorgeous engagement ring, a symbol of a phase in our lives, a piece that captures a moment in time?

The possibilities are limitless. We believe the most precious heirlooms and keepsakes come from bespoke jewellery pieces, made to reflect the wearer and capture memories in its midst. Perhaps your chosen piece captures a season spent in Paris; a cherished connection to your hometown; or a memory of the person who means the most to you.

When bespoke jewellery pieces are passed down between generations, they carry a story inside them — along with a reminder to share.

Mixing and pairing with existing pieces

Jewellery is how we celebrate the blend of styles and eras, the place between old and new. We believe bespoke pieces can be beautifully paired with brand-new mix and matches; we see cherished heirlooms as the perfect companion to a more modern, organic piece.

Just like with all jewellery and style decisions, there are no rules you must follow. We encourage you to play with styles, eras and heirlooms as you bring together stories from your life and beyond. For guidance on styling your jewellery, see our advice about styling gemstones with metals or building a timeless collection.

A variety of bespoke options

Custom jewellery is a spectrum. From requesting a curated piece to match your vision, idea or style — to commissioning a personalised jewellery piece entirely from scratch — there are a variety of ways to add a unique touch to your jewellery wardrobe.

Within our collection, we create one-off pieces using the art of lost wax casting. These organic shapes are designed to be paired with your refined, minimalistic pieces, acting as a statement piece no one else will obtain. Each boasts its own natural beauty that slightly differs in shape, blending bespoke creation with our own inspiration.

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