Golden guidelines: The art of choosing a gold chain

There is no denying that a textural gold chain will be your best friend when it comes to accessorising your outfit. It's often the final added touch that pulls the look altogether. It also forms the base for creating your own layering necklace style. We have turned to a classic gold chain on countless occasions, always elevating an otherwise minimal outfit. 

Investing in solid gold jewellery takes time and is often a considered purchase. Opting for a precious metal like solid gold will be timeless investment. However, it can be confusing when there are so many different options and styles to choose from.  In this guide we highlight four considerations to take into account when searching for your next timeless keepsake. 


In the world of gold chains there are some key styles that when crafted well, can polish an outfit. It does come down to personal style and aesthetic as to what exact style to go for. A fine, snake style chain like the Naomi chain can have multiple applications for both day or night. In contrast something more textural like the Calla chain provides a bold but beautiful element. 

Look for a style that you will gravitate towards each day and something that suits your lifestyle. Choosing a minimal or bolder style can achieve instant elevation of any outfit particularly on those days when you are pressed for time. Think about what style your necklace collection is missing, and consider adding one of those. 


The length and positioning of your chosen chain will determine a few things. Firstly where it will sit with different outfits and necklines. Secondly, how you can add to it with other layering pieces and lengths.  

Consider what necklines you commonly wear and what lengths you gravitate towards normally. For some, a shorter style is optimal where the chain sits gracefully above the collarbone. Others love the flexibility of a slightly longer style like the TahliaCamilla or Gianna chains which layer beautifully with other shorter pieces. 


From paperclip links to intricate woven gold detailing, look for details that resonate with your style and preferences. Once you have a few different chains in your collection you can look to layer them together. Prefer a more subtle look?  Opt for something with a finer texture like the Naomi or Emilia chains. Alternatively adding something with a gemstone pendant like the Grace necklace to your collection can also make for some contrasting styling options.  


This is one of the easier decisions with generally only two common choices - white gold or yellow gold. Rose gold can also be chosen if that is something you enjoy wearing. We love mixing metal colours and often will wear white and yellow gold together around the neck, when mixing earrings and for rings. For those that prefer matching tones, choose a metal colour that will complement what you already own and wear. 


Whether it's your first gold chain purchase or if you are adding something new to the collection, we are always available to help. Reach out to us via email or click here if you need any help choosing your next forever piece.